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Title: Electron paramagnetic study of the ion Ni2+ in hexametilamine nickel oxides in a high pulsed magnetic field
Authors: Anders А.G., Borisenko V.G.,Zvyagin A.J.,Kobetz M.J., Seel F., Stancovski J., Sczaniecki P.B.
Issue Date: 1980
Citation: Acta physica polonica. 1980, Vol. A57, №4. P. 483-489
Abstract: It is a study of the temperature behaviour of the easy axes of monoclinic ferro- and antiferromagnets in a wide temperature range. The monoclinic character of the magnetic interactions is due to the presence of two uniaxial anisotropies diffiring in nature and arranged at an arbitrary angle to one another. This is shown to be the cause of dependence of thi maenetization easy axis orientation on temperature/
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